At Gateway we know it can take a certain level of energy and bravery to walk into an unfamiliar church. There are sure to be lots of people you don’t know, and it’s natural when walking into a new community to wonder if you fit. It’s an uncomfortable experience, and that’s why we put this page together.

We want to say from the start that no matter who you are, what you believe, or what you look like, we would love to welcome you into our church, and if you are thinking about stopping by, we thought you might appreciate knowing what to expect. So, below we’ve written a brief description of what happens on Sundays that might help you get a picture in your head before you pay us a visit.

A Typical Sunday

We bring out coffee into the church entrance area at 9:30, and that’s when folks generally start trickling into the building.  Before the service the church is filled with a jumble of casual conversations, kids shuffling about, and people coming through the doors.  You’ll see people dressed in a pretty wide span from casual with jeans to a few suit jackets.  We don’t focus much on dress of any type at the church, so you shouldn’t feel pressure to wear anything particular on a Sunday.  If you have kids that are very young (0-3), you are welcome to go downstairs and leave them with the volunteers in the nursery before the service.  Kids ages 3-12 are welcome to participate in Sunday School classes downstairs which take place during the sermon portion of the service.

The church service begins at 10:00 and we try to always end before 11:15. 
We start by gathering together to worship God as a community through music.  Worship music at Gateway consists of a pretty wide mix of hymns and modern songs.  We sing these songs together not as a performance, but to ascribe value and glory to the God that has loved us.  After worship there is a time to say good morning to those sitting around you, there is a time for announcements, and then children are dismissed during the weekly offertory time.

The service then continues with a sermon that is usually about 35min long.  We put a lot of emphasis on the Bible at Gateway, and our goal in sermons is to understand and apply Biblical messages in today’s world.  We do this by studying a passage in light of its original cultural context, and then we consider its significance to our own lives.

After the sermon we close the service with one or two more songs of worship.  We also take communion together in this time on the second Sunday of each month.  After the service there are many that stick around to say hi to friends and continue conversations.